Video Project Moves Forward

Hello All,
Our staff are very busy working with a videographer and his crew to film footage and interviews for the October gala. During the filming, our staff and the film crew are being vigilant about maintaining safety standards and taking extreme care when it comes to overall cleaning, hand washing, social distancing, etc. Our staff is very aware that bringing any outsiders onto the campus requires extra attention to detail and caution.

As for a local virus update, there have been no new cases of Covid near the home, but Covid cases continue to show up in Bhimavaram.

The new counselor/therapist, continues her work with the girls. Our staff have already seen as impact as a result of her efforts. The girls are opening up as a result of the counseling and there is less hiding of details from the past. It sounds like our counselor is creating an atmosphere of trust and respect as she continues to get to know all of the girls. Please keep her in our thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks. She has a big job, and we need to support her as much as possible.

Kindest Regards, The NHH Team