Transition House

Ever wondered what happens to our girls when they graduate from New Horizons House and become adults?

Where do they go and what do they do when they turn 18?

New Horizons House focuses on providing aftercare for minors who have been victims of human trafficking and/or sexual abuse. These girls can be as young as 12 years old, many of whom are sold into sexual slavery by their own family members due to debt bondage or for financial gain.

New Horizons House becomes their family and their support system as they grow up, helps them to regain their confidence and to learn new transferable life skills. Once a girl turns 18 however, the Indian government mandates that she must move out of the dormitory on our main campus.

However even when they reach adulthood, and it is time for them to move on from our main home—they are not alone.  Our girls may be given the option to relocate to New Horizons’ Transition House for up to three years. The Transition House has less direct supervision and formal structure than our aftercare facility for younger girls on our main campus but remains a safe living environment where the girls, now young women, can continue to learn and develop important life skills. This allows our girls to take on more responsibility for their own care and to have greater interaction with the local community.

Girls who have chosen to move into the Transition House may be pursuing a college degree. Undertaking additional vocational training and/or participating in a formal internship program. A house mother resides with the girls in the Transition House and therapy and/or medical care continues to be provided as needed.

We opened our Transition House in 2021 and it is currently home to ten girls. It has the capacity to house 20, and we are anticipating filling this in the coming years as girls continue their recovery. Of the graduates of our New Horizons main campus who have moved on to the

Transition House, several are attending university, whilst others have gone on to run their own

businesses as tailors and some even have families of their own now!

One of the saddest realities for victims of human trafficking is that they become repeat victims.

We are committed to prevent this and to provide our girls with the best chance of leading a life of dignity and hope. When we welcome girls into New Horizons House, we are welcoming them into our family and promising them a support network that they will have forever.

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