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Roopa’s Story

By Sara McGeough

Like many of our girls, Roopa’s background was one of poverty and instability. Unable to support her, her mother sent her to live with her cousin where she was put to work as a maid and sexually assaulted. Later, when she attended Junior college she was abused by her neighbor and sent to several different hostels before she arrived in NHH in July 2020 aged sixteen. 

When she first arrived at NHH she was disconnected and aloof, consumed by the misery and trauma of her past experiences. However, as she engaged with our aftercare program she began to adjust and developed strong friendships with the other girls. She loves to help the house mothers with cooking in the kitchen and through this she has developed confidence and grew to accept herself and her past. She developed a real skill in tailoring and so when the time came for her to move on and enter Transition House, NHH provided her with all the tools and materials she needed to set up her own tailoring business. She now runs a successful tailoring business providing the service to her local community. 

Well done Roopa! Roopa’s journey from poverty and abuse to one of realized hope, dignity and restoration showcases exactly what we at NHH strive towards. We work tirelessly to provide young girls like Roopa with tools and skills so that they can become financially independent and never become repeat victims of trafficking. 

Stay tuned for next month’s spotlight!