New Horizons House Update - 9/6/20

The good news is that the girls and staff remain virus free, although Samson (board member of Helping Hands) has been confirmed with C-19, and Douglas (NHH mentor, CofC minister) has a fever and is feeling poorly (not confirmed as C-19, but is in isolation) after visiting families of our "graduates".  Please pray for their recovery and continued good health for the girls/staff.

We discussed contingency plans, should one or more of our girls become ill with flu like symptoms.  The plan that has been developed involves a few steps.  First step is move to the on-site sick room and monitor; if the nurse suspects C-19 and the girl is not recovering she would be transported to the local public hospital and tested, and from there to an isolation center for continued monitoring and treatment.  Continued deterioration would result in assignment to the private university hospital where better treatment is available (expenses covered by CWC or a related government agency).

Our staff continues to prepare for our upcoming fundraising gala and we are excited to start finalizing the details of the content. If you haven't bought your ticket yet, we highly recommend that!


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