New Horizons House Update - 9/27/20

Hello Everyone,

Construction started up again on the staff housing after a week of rain delays.  It is still expected to be completed by November.

A number of our girls took the ‘10th Class’ exam this week which is similar to being a senior in high school.

All of them passed!

This is a big deal since not one of the girls expected to be able to have a chance to pursue their education. I asked our staff at the house to pick up some small congratulatory gifts to give to the girls on behalf of the Board.

Four of the girls have expressed interest in attending Junior College and Johnson has been negotiating with CWC to see if we can make that happen. If they approve it, the girls would most likely need to shuttle between the home and Bhimavaram every day.

Meanwhile, Johnson continues to look for potential properties to house our 18-21 year old graduates.

The Indian economy continues to be ravaged by the Corona virus and they are extremely grateful for our continued prayers and support.


Founder, Jon Spencer

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