November 2022 Issue

by Mike Graves, Vice President, Secretary

Exciting news!!

We are in the midst of our YE financial campaign and have been blessed with a commitment from the “Friends of New Horizons House” to double donations postmarked or otherwise donated by November 29th.  The “Friends of New Horizons House” have pledged up to $50,000 for this matching opportunity.  If you have been considering donating, this is a wonderful opportunity to double the value of your donation.  Tax deductible donations may be either made on our website ( or mailed to:

New Horizons House
P. O. Box 620083
Littleton, CO 80162

Thank you for your generosity.

The extreme heat at NHH has become more seasonal with highs in the mid to upper-80s and cooler nights.  We were blessed this summer with a donation that allowed us to install air conditioning in our education rooms, which allowed the girls to concentrate on their education.

November 2022 newsletter image 1

Construction has been completed on the top floor of the dormitory and additional girls are beginning to receive life-changing care and education.  We currently have 51 girls on the main campus and will be filling the expanded capacity to 60 residents in the coming year.  Our goal is to receive girls between the ages of 12 – 16, which gives 2 to 6 years to educate and prepare them for adulthood (18 years).  Most of the girls are like sponges, absorbing the educational materials, and passing government exams…similar to high school equivalency.   80% of the girls that age out of the main campus desire to continue their education with either our advanced vocational program or attending Browning Junior College.  Both options give them career opportunities and allow them to thrive as adults.

Based upon the age distribution of the girls, we forecast an increasing need for capacity in our Transition Home (18 to 21 years), and expanding that capacity will be our focus in 2023.

Your financial support has brought all of this about.  We thank you so much for blessing the lives of young girls and giving them a bright future.  May this blessing of love be returned to you many times over. 

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