New Hires and Insurance Updates

New Horizons House hired a new counselor/therapist. She is arriving at the house on 8/10/20 and will be staying for ten days to work with the girls.

Esther started the online trauma counseling course and is finding it very helpful. She just completed the first lecture. This will increase her knowledge and ability to help the girls moving forward.

Evening curfew is still in place in Bhimavaram due to the Covid virus. Sunday (because it is considered a holiday) is an all day curfew.

The New Horizons House staff has been researching the best option to purchase insurance for the girls and staff at New Horizons House so that, if they were to become ill with Covid-19, they would be able to go to one of the private hospitals. However, after a phone meeting with the Woman and Child Department, he discovered that the girls and staff at New Horizons House will be allowed to go to Vijayawada Health University if they are in need of medical care. This is a very good hospital, and we are relieved to hear the good news.

happy group of New Horizons people

Esther reported that the girls are in good spirits and continue to prepare for exams. They watch the evening news each night, and they are very appreciative and thankful to be living in such a safe and secure home as NHH.

More good news…The Juvenile Justice Center has extended the NHH license for girls to ages 18-21. As a result we can officially continue working with NHH girls once they turn 18 and help them transition to their new lives. Johnson continues to look for a home to rent and is inquiring about this. The JJC is requiring that the home have specific features that include bathrooms, dining areas, and large living spaces. A rental home with all of these features is very hard to find, according to Johnson. As a result, the rental home may need some modifications to meet the JJC standards. He will continue his search in the coming weeks.