New Construction Photos, Success Stories, and Fundraising

Hello All,
Everyone is doing well and the staff and girls are all healthy despite the pandemic which is raging across India. Additionally, we received pictures this Friday of the new staff housing which is currently under construction.
Here are a couple of shots:

As things currently stand, we anticipate the staff housing will be finished by November. We are excited about the opportunities that having this additional housing will provide.

A recent graduate of ours had enrolled in the police academy, but the academy is currently shut down due to the pandemic. This situation is expected to continue for at least 3 more months. Her family has expressed concern that, while at home, she might come into contact with some of the individuals who had lured her into trafficking several years back.Her family approached our staff about having her return to NHH and stay at the home.The appropriate notifications / permissions were obtained and so she will be returning to Podu later this week.She will continue her studies there and be a source of encouragement and inspiration for the younger girls.

Other exciting news includes continuing preparations for our 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala coming up. Our teams are working diligently with a trusted videographer to prepare the videos for our gala. These videos will include guest speakers and messages from our NHH graduates. So, if you haven’t purchased your ticket… we highly recommend it!

One of our graduates has recently received several sewing machines from NHH and, in addition to opening her own tailoring shop, will be providing sewing training to some of the girls at NHH who have an interest in tailoring.What a great example of the “pay-it-forward” concept!

Another graduate from NHH had developed an interest in cooking while at NHH (she often helped out in the kitchen). She now plans to open her own fast-food shop.

We are excited to continue our weekly meetings with our sisters and brothers in India. If you’re wondering how we do that…Zoom! Included below is a photo of a few of our board members meeting during the weekly check-in call.

Zoom meeting with a global team

Blessings, The NHH Team