COVID Updates from Bhimavaram

Bhimavaram continues to be in a modified lockdown as far as travel. I believe individuals can travel from 6 AM to 1 PM each day. Covid cases have increased, however, and there were 4 new cases this past week in Bhimavaram.

Esther conducted a Zoom conference call this past week between the girls and the Child Welfare Committee. The CWC group asked the girls questions about the precautions they are taking to be safe from the virus, about hygiene, and also about their studies. Esther reported that the girls are quite happy and doing well, and that the CWC committee was quite pleased with the response from the girls. Johnson noted the striking difference between the physical appearance and demeanor of the girls from when they first arrived at NHH to their current state. He said the changes are amazing, and he marvels at the transformation he witnesses in the girls.

street market in Bhimavaram

Johnson and Esther and their staff continue to be vigilant in their management of New Horizons House and the safety precautions necessary to keep NHH Covid free. We applaud their efforts during these very challenging times in India.

Johnson and Esther are very close to hiring a new counselor, therapist, and Life Skills instructor at NHH. Board members were all given a chance to look at her resume, which was quite impressive. Not only does she have the training for this work, but she is a strong Christian and comes highly recommended from someone who works in the anti-trafficking field in India. Our board member Steve spoke with Johnson and Esther this morning and asked some key questions specific to her training, and he came away very impressed. It’s also important to note that the Child Welfare Committee has looked at our potential new counselors background and resume and approved her hiring.

Once her contract is finalized, she will begin working part-time in July. She will travel to New Horizons House three times a month, and each visit will encompass four days.
Johnson and Esther make it clear to us that it’s very difficult in India to find someone with her training and background, so they are very thankful to have found her and look forward to working with her on the NHH team.

Kindest Regards, The NHH Staff