I thought slavery was a thing of the past. How big a problem is it really?
Why are you focusing your work in India/Andhra Pradesh?
The problem seems overwhelming. What difference can New Horizons really make?
How many girls will you care for?
Why not care for more girls?
What experience do you have?
Why start from scratch? Why not join forces with another group?
How is New Horizons House organized?
Is New Horizons a religious / Christian organization?
What kind of 'spiritual' emphasis is involved? What if they don't want to participate?
Are any Americans involved? How will you supervise the work in India from the U.S.?
How are finances / accounting / audits handled?
Who will oversee the program on-site? What are their qualifications?
Where do you get your workers, psychologists, teachers, house mothers, etc.?
What type of connection do you have with the government?
What type of therapy do you use?
What about the use of drug therapies?
What will a typical day look like for the girls at the aftercare facility?
How many girls will there be in each room?
What security precautions will be put in place?
What about pregnancies / girls with children / AIDs?
How long does a girl stay in the program?
What will the transition home look like?
Are my donations tax deductible? Will you send me a receipt?
How can I get involved?




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