Vala’s Story

By Sara McGeough

Vala's Story

At just four years of age, Vala lost both her parents to HIV. She passed into the care of her aunt who, when she turned sixteen, tried to force her into an arranged marriage with an older man. This older man intended to profit from her by selling her to human traffickers. Terrified but unwilling to give up, Vala reached out to the police for help. It was this brave decision that led to her arrival with us at New Horizons House on December 1st 2020. 

At first, Vala struggled with the trauma of her past. Trying to protect herself, she was defensive towards the House Mothers and counselling staff at NHH. Despite many of their shared experiences, Vala isolated herself from her peers. However, as time went by she slowly began to engage with our aftercare program and Vala found what she had lost—she found hope for a better future.  

She discovered a love of biology, throwing herself into her studies with zeal. She is an incredibly quick learner, picking up English after only a few months with us at NHH. On this journey of restoration she has learned to draw boundaries in her relationships with others, to stand up for herself and has developed a sense of inner calm and outward patience with both her peers and teachers. When she turned eighteen, she chose to move on to our Transition House. Vala is currently continuing her studies and hopes to become a doctor someday. 

When asked to reflect on her past and where she is now living and learning in New Horizons’ Transition House, her response was simple: 

“Now I am happy.”